December 31, 2019  Codepu Team, Codepu news, publications.

CODEPU sends fraternal greetings to the organizations that every day defend and promote human rights.

CODEPU wishes that the year that begins will bring renewed energies to continue walking on the path of dignity and fraternity.  That together, we will generate the conditions to build a Just Chile, in which human rights and social, economic, cultural and environmental rights are guaranteed rights for all the peoples that inhabit our territory.

The year that just passed gave us the opportunity to be a part of a participate of a historic event.  A massive and energetic popular revolt was unleashed that questioned the very foundations of the social, economic, political and cultural system that was imposed by the dictatorship and maintained with superficial changes by the governments that succeeded it.

The year 2020 defies us to stand by those who are fighting for a New Constitution, drafted by a broad and inclusive Constituent Assembly. The effort and sacrifice of thousands who took to the streets, facing brutal and cruel repression, must be translated into a new fundamental charter that promotes human rights and does not hinder the effective solution to the people’s demands.

Confident that a Just Chile is the hope of the majority, CODEPU, reiterates its determination to move forward, with the Chilean people, in their struggle for social justice and equality. That is the direction in which we will walk, that is the direction in which we hope to meet you all.

Santiago, 31 December 2019.